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Backup Contacts To Dropbox and SdCard

December 22nd, 2019 How to's

Backup Contact is a famous app for backing up your contacts from your android phone to sd card then upload it directly to Dropbox save and secure backup your mobile phone or tablet or any android device contact easily. Download it Free for the Official app market.

Download Backup Contacts

Description :

One-click backup of contacts to SD-Card for safekeeping.

✓ Backup to SD-Card.
✓ Backup to dropbox.
✓ Send it as an email attachment.
✓ Google, Outlook or Custom CSV style.


✎ Note:
This application does not restore contacts! yet… We recommend using the restore suggestion below.

Restore Contacts Tip:
⇨ Import the CSV file with http://www.google.com/contacts.
⇦ Contact data will then be synced back to your device.

Why Backup Contacts?
When new contact data is created on your Android™ device, you would think that it’s all saved at the same place by default? this is not always true.

Contacts Data could be saved in places like:
⇨ Google account – contact data
⇨ Phone/Tablet – contact data
⇨ Other: Facebook etc. – contact data

The Backup Contacts application retrieves ALL contact data stored on your Android™ device and saves it into ONE text file for safekeeping.