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Make Your Android Screen iPhone 5 and Showoff

February 28th, 2020 Android Apps

iPhone 5 is now on your Android Phone with iPhone 5 Screen !!
This Android App allows you to track your friends into thinking you have the latest and new iPhone!
iPhone 5 Screen just makes your smartphone look and feel like the iPhone 5. Many icons are available and more to come !!!
You can also load different Themes / Lock screens and not only use the classic iPhone 5 Theme.

Screen iPhone 5

Give a better look to your android Mobile no matter if any version of Android Os you are using just install this app from google play and start using it.

Maybe you are in any function or party just open this app and make it look like iPhone 5.

Note: this is temporary and fake look it does not officially convert your theme to iPhone 5 or IOS6

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